Coriant Bursts Into The Telecom Field With A Bang

Coriant is an innovative company in the communications technology industry, having only been around since 2013 Coriant is already hard at work making a name for themselves against stiff competition. The newly established enterprise sells hardware and software products related to transmission of data for usage in mobile technology. They also provide services related to upgrading current systems to modern optical innovations with simple plug and play installation. The ease of use paired with stellar support from their team of experts has drawn the attention of many clients. It is a lucrative business that is always changing.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant, he boasts 28 years experience as an executive in the telecommunications field. He has worked for other major companies such as Verizon, FIOS, and Barclays just to name a few; his resume is quite impressive. He has three college degrees from his Alma Mater, Cornell University, including a PH.D. in engineering. Among his other accomplishments are several patents and roles on important national councils relating to his field of work.

Kheradpir’s love for the business, a talent for engineering, and his creative mind led him to Coriant where he has had the opportunity to advance their technology through research. His goal is to provide better service to their clients and stay on the cutting edge of advancements in the telecom industry. Kheradpir is a successful man that will likely lead his new company to thrive in their market and overcome the competition. Coriant and Kheradpir are the ideal pair for the ever-changing needs of a technologically advanced world.