Getting Things Done the Jon Urbana Way

Jon Urbana is the Head of Business Development at Ellipse USA. This company is a laser systems provider and information processing company. Jon Urbana is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and photography artist. Jon Urbana was the Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 for the Colonial Athletic Association. Jon Urbana is known as one of the best Lacrosse players ever to play at Villanova.

Jon’s Charity
Jon’s latest effort is focused on the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society located in his hometown of Denver. He has established a CrowdRise Fund to increase abandoned cat awareness and to help reduce the number of cats that are senselessly killed every year. EarthForce is another charity campaign being supported by Urbana on GoFundMe. The primary goal is to summon youths and make them participate in maintaining a good and healthy environment.

Lacrosse Camp
A former Professional Lacrosse athlete, Jon Urbana started the Next Level lacrosse Camp with his partner Lou Braun in 2011 in Denver. He even penned an essay on Lacrosse published to his Slideshare. The Lacrosse Camp in Denver has become one of Colorado’s most popular summer program for youth players, with some accolades posted to his website. If you’re a fan of his lacrosse accomplishments at Villanova, you can also see Jon Urbana’s stats here and like his Facebook fan page.

Jon’s Flying
Jon has an Airman Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, he has been included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database recognizing exemplary pilots for their success and achievement.

Jon’s Music
Using nothing more than Ableton software and his guitar, Urbana creates electronic music in his own home. He enjoys remixing songs as well as creating his own unique and original tracks. You can also hear some of his original tracks on Tumblr.

Jon’s Photography
Jon has an eye for photography and expresses it openly on his blog. Jon Urbana’s About Me page is filled with highly detailed expressions of food and other things he comes across daily, captured in high resolution. Jon Urbana also has an Instagram where his photographs can be seen.