Startup Company, THINX Receives Financial Support from Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar makes a strategic investment decision to financially support inspirational startup company, THINX after meeting the Co-Founders. THINX was added to Tabar’s investment portfolio in January 2016, reported by PR Newswire. His investment portfolio is diverse, which contains small businesses, such as THINX and CircleUp. THINX is a profitable business which designs, manufactures and market women’s undergarments. What inspired Sam Tabor to support THINX is the company’s partnership with non-profit organization, AFRIpads.

THINX inspired Sam Tabar to start a fundraiser campaign for non-profit organization, Africa Wellness Initiative (AWI). He started the fundraiser on Go Fund Me website in December 2015 and approximately one month later invested into THINX. AWI receives financial support to educate families and provide medical health care to children suffering from HIV/AIDS and other fatal diseases in southern Africa. For every undergarment sold by THINX, a specific percentage is sent to AFRIpads to provide training to the women of Uganda. The mission of AFRIpads is to empower African women by teaching entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and leadership skills.

Co-Founders, Radha Agrawal, Miki Agrawal, and Antonio Dunbar are ecstatic about Sam Tabar’s investment into their company. THINX is a private social startup company which designs its feminine menstrual underwear in New York City, N.Y. The products are manufactured in Sri Lanka with durable absorbent and anti-microbial materials. The manufacturing company in Sri Lanka is dedicated to training and educating its employees to become leaders within their communities. AFRIpads presently has four factories that employ approximately 130 employees in Uganda.

The professional skills of Sam Tabar as a lawyer, hedge fund manager, an investor, and executive leader has enabled him to make strategic investment decisions. Small social and investment businesses, like THINX and CircleUp are his focus for investment opportunities to support startup companies. Tabar has nearly 12 years of work experience in the industry. He has managed more than $3.5 billion for investment firms, including Merrill Lynch and SPARX Group Co. & PMA Investment Advisors. really shows Sam Tabar is helping communities, women, children, and families in Uganda, Zimbabwe, and other regions of Africa. As an investor of THINX, he is helping to empower women and communities in Sri Lanka and Africa. THINX partnering with AFRIpads has provided economic growth to various communities in Uganda by creating manufacturers that produce sanitary cloth pads. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of undergarments will go directly to AFRIpads.