Skout And Community Members Helping People In Need


Be A Superhero This Spring

There is always a reason to help other people in the world. There will always be people who need help. Someone must step up to help the needy. Will it be you? April 28th was National Superhero Day, which was a great time to take stock in what type of hero you would be if you were a superhero for a day. Being a superhero would be fun because you would get to use superpowers to help people. You might have the power to fly, or you might have super strength, or you could have some other power that is completely new and specific to your hero.

What Did You Do On National Superhero Day?

What did you do on National Superhero Day this year? If you are a superhero, then you were likely out there saving people who were in trouble. Skout gave everyone in its community a chance to think critically about what superheroes we like the best. Skout actually had a survey available for their users to take, and the results were just released on PR Newswire’s website. There are some very interesting results in this survey, so if you have time, take a look at the original article. (The link for this article will be at the end of this post.)

What makes a superhero special? What makes a superhero stand out? What exactly is a superhero? These are ideas that come to mind when thinking about the survey questions that Skout was asking their users on National Superhero Day. The results of the survey indicate that about 80 percent of the users on Skout would want to be a superhero in real life. Being a superhero is a tough job, so Skout’s community must be filled with some rather brave people who are ready to help others.

Technically, Skout’s community has already helped people in need by contributing to a charity that Skout set up. The charity was set up to help someone see one of their dreams come true in real life through the Make A Wish Foundation Greater Basy Area. Skout is one of the best social media and online dating applications that is available on smartphones nationwide. Actually, their are several countries where Skout is available, and their new travel feature brings people together. Here’s that original PR Newswire article that I referenced.