Going shopping with a robot, the promise of artificial intelligence

Imagine walking into Walmart and before you get to the store your phone reminds you, which isles to peruse to find items on your shopping list. This is only one example of how AI (artificial intelligence) will forever change the ecommerce personalization landscape.

Ecommerce personalization is the concept whereby retailers can deliver a shopping experience that is truly unique to what you want to shop for. Right now your phone knows when you enter a Walmart store, but in the near future, it will also make suggestions about what you can buy. You have blue jeans on your shopping list, in the near future, your phone will not only tell you which aisle your blue jeans are in, but will bring up retailer photos of what you can buy at the store. Once in the store AI (also called robot machine learning) will have the ability to tell you and deliver an experience that is so different from today that the current shopping experience will be forgotten. The power of AI is destined to be a major game changer for the retail world.

Delivering ecommerce personalization is in its infancy and companies like IBM have artificial intelligence applications coming to market that are changing the retailer landscape. The IBM Watson program (which has been dubbed the first supercomputer) has been around for decades and only now it has the ability to deliver “affordable” applications to retailers that can accelerate the adoption of ecommerce personalization. AI is well suited for ecommerce as its power lies in its ability to take massive data points on the fly and then in an instant deliver relevant timely information to the customer. Walking in a Walmart and then getting isle suggestions from your shopping list for those blue jeans will make the experience so different and engaging that you will never want to shop without your robot again.