How To Become Person Of The Year Like Whitney Wolfe

Every year, someone manages to gain recognition. Among the forms of recognition a person would gain is being recognized as person of the year by Time. This is one of the forms of recognition that Whitney Wolfe has received.

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur in the online dating industry. She has created a successful business and has added to it some helpful extensions for her intended audience. However, the reasons for her being person of the year go far beyond her starting a successful and large business. After all, it is easy for some people to just start a business. There has to be a lot more to the career.

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Fortunately, for Whitney Wolfe, her journey involves something other than starting a business. Whitney is looked at for what her purpose was behind starting the business. When she tells her story of how she founded Bumble. Among the parts of the story she talks about is the journey that led her to start the dating app. She has also talked about feminism and the meaning of the word to her. She didn’t always consider herself a feminist, but when she has seen that she is not going to be one of those people that are silenced while they are getting walked over, she has found that it is a suitable term.

One of the biggest factors to being person of the year was that Whitney Wolfe has thought about what she wants to do for people. She has built up a platform for women to take control of their lives as a whole. At the same time, she is one of the feminists wanting to be truly equal to men. She wants to give men recognition for the actual good they do. She makes speeches defending the good men in the world as well.