Robert Ivy: Why you should join AIA

Apart from the training that one gets from school and in-job training, there other benefits that you can earn from other organizations. There are professional societies which are equally crucial as previous bodies. There are professional associations which attract professionals in their individual capacity. When you join such organizations, you are not treated as part of the company you work for. Some of the benefits that you can earn from joining a professional association include educational programs, improving credibility, competing for professional awards and creating a network within your profession. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.


Educational programs and resources


Professional bodies offer more than just the things we get from other organizations; you will find them providing members with educational materials and tools to improve their knowledge and skills. The information they offer is tailored to meet the needs of the professionals. Such information is released in the form of newsletters, websites, magazines, and journals which are published by this company. The information that is provided by such materials may be helpful to people who are new to the profession or just want to get more information.





Professional associations are interested in matters that touch on a particular profession, and they will try as much as possible to bring professionals together so that they can understand the industry. They will hold conferences which will be a good platform for new professionals to connect with the experienced ones as well as meeting potential employers. Such avenues are good for job hunting.


Robert Ivy


One such professional association which is guided by the best practices of its industry is the American Institute of Architects. This organization incorporates architects and professional designers. It is led by CEO Robert Ivy who also serves as the executive vice president of the organization. Robert Ivy is an experienced architect and someone who is ready to mentor the young generation of architects. By joining a professional organization like AIA will put in a great position to enjoy the benefits highlighted above. Robert Ivy is building an organization which can offer the best ground for architects to grow their careers. He is going to change the industry through the initiatives he is creating through his position at AIA. Learn more about Robert Ivy at